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Hi there! My name is Candace Ladd, and I’m a college student who believes you should only eat something if it tastes really wonderful. I like to share the food I make with others, partially because I think the whole cooking-for-one thing just sounds depressing, and partially because I think there is no better way to build community than by eating together. Really, my main goal in life* is to be Ina Garten by throwing fabulous and effortless dinner parties, but also be a little like the mother in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. (“Eat something! You want food? Okay, I make lamb.”)

Here you’ll find recipes that aren’t overly complicated or involve a lot of expensive ingredients (re: college student), but are hopefully elevated above the average. None of them will start with “Take  16 Oreos and a tub of Cool Whip…”, although I’ll admit those are, without exception, delicious. Instead, here, I like to start with fresh, simple ingredients to make food that is more than the sum of its parts. So put down your box of stale Cheez-Its – no judgement, we’ve all been there – and make your way to the kitchen with whatever recipe strikes your fancy. Set your dinner table with your nicest china even if it’s just a normal Tuesday, put on some jazz so you feel classy, and eat with someone you care about or would like to know better. Because, really, what’s better than that?

*This is only my main goal in life when it comes to food and hospitality. I have other goals, I promise.

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